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I am delighted to report Corporate LiveWire has bestowed on me not one but two of its Global Awards 2015. It was a pleasant surprise to receive the Global Award for Corporate Governance USA, and a few weeks later, in came the notice I was a finalist and then winner in their Investment Funds 2015 category.

Thank You

Thank you to all with whom I have worked as a director over the 25 years since I joined my first corporate board, the storied Drexel Burnham Lambert Group. Thank you as well to those of you who supported my selection to receive these awards, for work serving shareholders and companies that I find deeply engaging and rewarding. Thank you also to the Corporate LiveWire Global awards selection team. I am in excellent company, as the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards team has selected firms and individuals in various categories of endeavor from all over the globe.

About the Corporate Livewire Global Awards 2015

According to Corporate Livewire, the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards represent the pinnacle of business achievement, championing the best in their respective fields. The awards cover the most important sectors of business, from finance advisories and funding providers to law firms and specialist advisory companies that deal with mergers and acquisitions.

For more information on the Corporate Livewire Global Awards 2015 received by Deborah Midanek, go to Corporate Livewire Winner.

For more information on all of those selected to receive Corporate Livewire Global Awards for 2015, go to Global Awards 2015.

Thank you again.

Best known for her activities as a corporate turnaround CEO, she has diagnosed and remedied the challenges related to both rapid growth and corporate decline for over 60 corporations as executive and advisor.
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