Helping leaders create value.

Our Focus

In today’s volatile, interconnected and low growth world, an unprecedented degree of agility is required of any leader, and especially those working to generate growth in value for the businesses they run. Solon helps boards of directors, top managers, company lenders and investors navigate the challenges of a world in constant transition. We advise corporations and institutions both public and private, domestically and internationally, in the various phases of the business lifecycle. We provide objective, board level strategic advice to help our clients achieve the business performance they desire. Using skills honed over decades of experience, we serve in senior advisor and/or director roles or as interim chief executive of chief restructuring officer, working with boards of directors, owners, secured and unsecured creditors, and employees.

Our Background

We have been been integrally involved in the restructuring community since the early 1980’s, and have managed a broad variety of corporate challenges. Our team has participated in over $150 billion in turnaround situations, financings, and restructurings, have had responsibility for over $5 billion in troubled asset portfolios, and have worked with a broad range of clients large and small, public, private, and family owned, operating in many industries and locations. We love tackling tough challenges. We love doing what we do and seeing the impact on people’s lives.

Typical Activities

The companies that engage Solon benefit from direct access to senior-level experience. Whether acquisition, sale, generational shifts, operational or financial issues, growing pains or turnaround, we’ve been there before. Our experience has given us the ability quickly to define problems, determine priorities, align stakeholders, build effective teams, and get the job done while building success for all stakeholders.

Our Namesake

Our name and philosophy are inspired by Solon, Archon of ancient Athens, who effected a range of social, political and economic reforms. His wisdom, integrity, leadership and character were conveyed through his warmth and impartial counsel. His words, “know thyself” and “all things in moderation” still inspire. Focusing on building an enduring system of self-government rather than one run by might, Solon led Athens’ citizenry into its long lasting Golden Age.

Past Clients

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