Independent Corporate Director & Fiduciary


Fiduciary Leadership


As a non-executive director, Deborah Hicks Midanek offers a diverse blend of vision, skills and experience to help boards set strategic direction, and promote the interests of shareholders with a view to adding long-term value. Deborah has served 25 organizations in this capacity, has chaired a number of boards and committees, and handled a wide range of boardroom challenges.  See Comments from Clients and Fellow Directors” for more about her approach.

When the board needs to be supplemented or has even disappeared completely, Solon can provide battle tested directors.

Advisory Services

Solon also provides a range of board advisory services, including strategic planning assistance, succession planning for chairmen, other directors, and CEOs, with a global perspective on best practices.

Trustee, Examiner, Receiver

When it is too late to add value and resuscitate the company, Solon can be appointed by the relevant court to take charge of the remaining assets and maximize value of recoveries to the parties in interest.

Past Roles

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