Turnaround Management

turnaround management

No matter how talented the team at the table, solving a problem while inside of it is nearly impossible.

When change is constant, and the stakes are high, we learn a lot about the people around us.  Solon’s approach of listening closely and then building cross functional teams to address issues rapidly capitalizes on the talent inherent in every company. Over the course of many engagements, we have seen the positive results that can occur when individuals see their knowledge and energy sought after and used.

Turnaround Leadership

A business in crisis. The stakes are high. Tensions boil over. And company management typically has scant experience operating under these conditions. Previous career success does little to prepare an executive for the gut-wrenching, high-stakes challenge of navigating a life-or-death situation. For our professional turnaround managers, however, leading a company through difficult times is a way of life.

Bankruptcy Case Management

When your company is in court – either through Chapter 11 restructuring or as the result of a lawsuit – the pressures on your business are multiplied. Everything is viewed through the prism of the proceedings and the smallest decisions take on increased significance. Suddenly very little about your daily business activities may seem familiar. Solon has deep experience in leading clients through court proceedings – from planning and executing strategy to administering the thousands of small but important details. Our end-to-end capabilities help ensure that a bankruptcy proceeding goes smoothly, nothing is overlooked, and your proceeding does as little damage to company operations, customers and vendors as possible.

Advisory Services

Everyone needs someone to talk to, especially when the chips are down and the territory is unfamiliar. Executives in distressed situations often think they are supposed to have the answer; having a confidential sounding board who has sat in the leader’s chair can be invaluable to the result.

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“We bring the objectivity of an outsider, the attitude of an owner, and the steady hands of experience to every engagement we undertake.”