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Developing and Executing Strategy

Solon helps others recognize their possibilities, and then develop a plan to capitalize on goals chosen together. To us, leadership is not synonymous with position. We search for ways to lead others – not to places we think they should be, but to objectives they want to achieve. We help them clarify where they are today, where they want to go, what obstacles they face, and develop a feasible plan to realize their possibilities.

How do we do that?

First, we complete our Situation Analysis.  Working with the board and the management team, we then develop a more detailed analysis of problem area or obstacles to success, and estimate the value of the success and the cost of and risk of getting there. What we struggle to avoid is the creation of a beautiful plan that gathers dust while looking very nice on the shelf.

Thus one approach we commonly follow is to ask management to work with us to create cross-functional teams of company personnel to work with us on each problem area identified, to work through a structured analysis and brainstorming process to consider and select solutions and quantify their costs and benefits, their risks and rewards. The resulting plan has then been tested by many, and all can feel ownership of it, with a deep understanding of what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and why.

We help companies discover what they can become. And then we help them execute what has become their plan. It can be tough to take on the challenges of driving efficiency, achieving growth in mature markets, expanding margins, and/or increasing operational and financial flexibility. It can be even tougher, however, to overcome the determination of a team working with determination and purposeful action.

Some of the ways we do this are highlighted below.

  • Recovery/Renewed Growth Plan: the development of various possible paths first to stability and then to future success, including approaches to deploying assets, overcoming obstacles, and estimating value, and the engagement of all parties to develop a united implementation team and vision. Importantly this includes an assessment of the company’s capacity to execute the chosen strategy.
  • Plan Implementation: designing the plan may be difficult, but not nearly as difficult as the implementation that moves it from paper to reality. We help, as advisor, officer, director.
  • Performance Improvement. There’s a point in the history of almost every failed business when the company could have been saved. The trick is to recognize the problem and act early to take remedial action. Surprising as it sounds, good times may not be good for your business. Low interest rates can disguise a number of issues, allowing companies and their managers and owners to feel they’ve dodged a bullet and everything’s going to return to “normal.” When the business climate turns for the worse, the effects can become starkly visible.

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“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”

David Brinkley, Legendary TV Anchorman, NBC News