Corporate Development Lemonade Stand

Deborah Hicks Midanek writes on turning lemons into lemonade, at the corporate, community, and personal level.  A lifelong fixer, she cannot help telling stories, of her adventures and those of others. Her favorite topics: how to help people, places, professionals, and companies thrive, and turn disaster into opportunity. She covers topics ranging from operations to resilience, from community development and entrepreneurship to corporate development and survival.

Publications for which she writes frequently include Directors & Boards, Financier Worldwide, The Journal of Private Equity, Bankruptcy Court Decisions, Risk & Compliance Magazine, Family Business, Recovering Value and Turnarounds & Workouts – as well as for various industry publications.



If turnaround professionals received the same recognition as rock stars, Deborah Hicks Midanek would have a whole wall filled with platinum records. … If anyone in the restructuring world has plenty of experience handling complex cases, it’s Midanek. … [Her] background is unique in that she also brings investment banking experience to the table.

Nina Novak
Managing Editor
Turnarounds & Workouts

November 15, 2000



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